Military Land Byelaws

Proposed Military Land byelaws
at USAF Croughton


We have just been notified by the MOD Byelaws Review Team that the Secretary of State for Defence proposes to make byelaws at USAF Barford St John near Oxford. This American base is not far from USAF Croughton and is an annex to this base. There have never been Military Land byelaws at Barford St John. See this website for details: The usual procedure applies (see below re USAF Croughton proposed byelaws) for anyone who would like to object/make comments. We strongly urge you to do so.

We are examining and researching the proposed byelaws. It is somewhat mystifying as to why this particular base has been chosen.
We will be asking questions in Parliament about this.


Proposed Military Land byelaws at USAF Croughton (Bedford/Northants)

Some documents and details here:

There are no byelaws at Croughton and the base is covered by section 128-131 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 so it is somewhat puzzling why byelaws are proposed when they are not used!

There is a worrying clause which extends certain powers (e.g. to remove trespassers) to non-police employed on the base. See Byelaw number 11 which gives power to remove but not arrest. There have been no arrests, charges or prosecutions relating to US bases for many years as many of them are legally flawed.

Copies of the proposed byelaws can be obtained by email:
writing to: Byelaws Review Team MOD PO Box 349 Aldershot GU11 2WZ
or leaving message on 01252 361986 requesting a copy.

We are researching this, in the process of asking Parliamentary Questions and will keep you informed as to progress.
Anyone can object and we encourage you to do so. There are 50 days to do this from 13 December 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to publishing delays on the new website the consultation period has exceptionally been extended (as from 10 December 2012) for a further 10 days from 50 to 60 days.

The following Military Land byelaws pertinent to US bases due to be reviewed (announced sometime ago) are:
(for accuracy please substitute USAF for RAF except for Fylingdales)

RAF Alconbury (byelaws were declared invalid in 1993)
RAF Croughton (USF) [never been any byelaws]
RAF Fairford (USF) [never been any byelaws]
RAF Feltwell (USF) [never been any byelaws]
RAF Fylingdales
RAF Lakenheath
RAF Menwith Hill
RAF Mildenhall
RAF Molesworth