Moldova govt backs US missile defence plans in Romania

February 23

The Moldovan government has supported U.S. plans to base elements of its missile defence shield in Romania. The deployment of missile defence elements in Romania gives an opportunity to increase defence potential of Europe in conditions of a continuing proliferation of nuclear technologies and threats posed by short- and medium-range missiles, said a statement of the Moldovan government issued on Tuesday.

“The government has taken into consideration Romanian-American agreements concerning prospects to deploy in Romania elements of a missile defence system in Europe, as well as its openness for participation of other interested parties with an aim of strengthening general security,” the document said.

It stressed that “each state has the right to decide itself in accordance with its national interests as to the system and mechanisms for ensuring its own security,” it said.

At the same time, the decision of the Romanian authorities to deploy missile defence elements has caused concerns of some influential parties and politicians in Moldova. They believe the emergence of American missiles close to Moldovan borders threatens stability and security in the region, as well as will directly or indirectly influence the process of negotiations on the breakaway Dniester region.