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CAAB is a group of committed people working to bring public awareness and scrutiny to the issue of the presence and roles of the US Visiting Forces and their Agencies in the UK and world wide. We are totally committed to non-violence.

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Article request - message for Dr Dylan Murphy

Dear Friend

Thank you for contacting CAAB. It is good to make contact with you and being involved in and help with what you proposed. We hope you receive this as unfortunately the message I sent via your email address bounced twice.

Just to add that CAAB does not only concentrate on NSA Menwith Hill but
would like all US bases here and world wide to close and for the US Visiting
Forces and
their Agencies to back within their borders. But of course there are common threads with all these bases.

We would be pleased to receive your questions and will try to answer them. Would you let us know a bit more about yourself and interest in this issue - acknowledging your strong interest in human rights issues.

With best wishes

Lindis Percy
Joint Coordinator with Laila Packer

Lindis Percy

attended last year peace protest there was only few brave whistle blowers

first thanks and bless to those brave people who started this noble call this year we are going to bring all those people who direct victims from these bases which operated under the nose of British and big champion of democracy equality human right expose in front of the world we are inviting all those who believe the right of others all faith invited Indian Pakistani Afghanistan iraqi somalian yemni sudani liyban who are direct victim of drone attacked killed million babes mothers sister father brother uncles aunties rapes all of kind God never forgive us because we all are the witness we are not give up until these bases or not handed over to God fearing people who are accountable in the eyes of justice.

sardar mohammad shamim khan

Yorkshire Post article by Paul Reeves RAF Fylingdales 4.2.12

We have written to Rayna Owens - the new RAF Wing Commander - to say that we would like to meet her - we always try to do this when there is a change of Commanders - I think the article is too old now to respond. I was away when this came out.

Lindis Percy

RAF Fylingdales special report by Paul Reeves. Yorkshire Post 4.2.12

Front page headline reads, "Yorkshire base set to lead fight against rogue terrorist nations" with small piece covering opposers headlined, "Quakers and rock star among site's band of protestors". I am not up to it but a fuller response to the whole subject is surely required?

J. Joy

US bases

Commenting on the post by William Currie - we have to stop it William but we are so incredibly apathetic! Indeed why do we not speak out as to the way we continue to follow on from the scary plans and decisions - not least - the possible attack on Iran - utter madness - (and the NHS!) if anyone is around/near on a Tuesday evening - please come to the Tuesday pm demonstration and witness outside the US base at Menwith Hill near Harrogate North Yorkshire - plenty of people live near this extremely important base (for the US) which probably is/will be involved - 6-8 pm - here is a chance to say NO to what is planned - PLEASE don't stay silent.


The American Empire

A yank who used to work at Edzell before the base was closed, ensured me
that his own country was that bad, that he would never go back. This was in the mid nineties.
This being the case why do we allow the U.S.A to dictate policies to the U.K. And a good part of the rest of the world?
God's own country? Or is America a conflict junkie along with the rest of the nuclear powers that will destroy our planet if not stopped.

William Currie

Responding to messages

Thank you everyone for leaving messages - we always like comments - that is what this message board is about - however we ask that any messages left are civil and polite - then we will very happily continue a dialogue - that's the beauty of this technology.

In response to the message from USA (it would be so helpful if you would
identify yourself - speaking to the USA is a bit difficult!) - what you say is too simplistic however - there is the historical perspective - an interesting account as to why the US got involved in the 2nd World War (late and after the bombing of Pearl Harbour if you recall) - may I direct you to the aims and objectives of this campaign - and the way we work - over the years we have managed to reveal some interesting facts as to the role/functions of the US Visiting Forces here and worldwide. We do not publish anything without the information being credibly researched and confirmed. We look forward to further discussions with you....

Lindis Percy

Sharing a link from Twitter



Will Percy

NATO petition for abolition

Not everyone knows about this petition started by Rob Turton but it has gone from 2 signatures to 14 in a week.


If you could please spread it it might help. Thanks.

John Goss

The Venus Project.com

Let us all help to speed the day when this wonderful earth and its rich resources are held in common for the benefit of all humanity.

Arch Stanton

US in the UK

Don't forget the importance of having the US on UK soil. If the UK government did not want the US here then they would not be, but guess what? They do! And so should you! The US has protected the UK in the past and will in the future. Quit your bitching and get a real job! If it were not for the US you may be singing a different tune. Something to the affect of: Ich mag nicht spreche Deutsches


Waste of Money

War ,ain't good for much, and using the UK as a landing base, is not what I like to see !

Winston Matthews

Wow. Thoughtful ideas on this www.caab.org.uk...


Good Will Message

Best Wishes From All At Wem Especially Chris and Paul!!
Good Luck On The 4th Of July
Let's MothBall The Radomes


Foreign policy in the election

Given that there is a woeful dearth of questions concerning foreign policy issues being raised in the general election I would ask that anyone going to husting meetings submit a question - issues like Iraq, Afghanistan, US missile defence, new developments of space weaponry (interesting article on HOME page), torture, 'rendition' and indeed the 'special relationship' - and a debate about whether we really do want the US Visiting Forces in our midst - secretive, unaccountable and out of control. Should anyone go to one of these meetings with prospective candidates and their question submitted is asked perhaps let us know on this message board.

Lindis Percy

Hello Everybody

Words like global warming are most often disregarded as too scientific - however, an earthquake shaking an entire country into disaster cannot be another disregarded statistic. Hundreds of thousads are dead and homeless

Please offer financial or volunteer assistance to Chile & Haiti


Greetings Australian Government Officials, Members of Local and International Press, and the General Public. We are Anonymous.

Austrailia - 2/8/2010 - Over the past several years, we have maintained a close watch on the actions of the Australian Government with particular focus on its stance towards internet censorship.

Australia's laws on internet censorship are already among the most restrictive in the western world. Their government filters more internet content than any other Parliamentary Democracy. For some elements within the Government, including Telecommunications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy, this still is not enough. Late in January of 2009 he proposed legislature that would lead to mandatory ISP filtering for all of Australia. The stated goal is to prevent Australia from viewing "illegal and unwanted content" on the internet.


Nice work! Why cant we just keep it simple and talk about the superbowl?

miller bennett


What's your point?


Israeli Defense Forces sets up communications system in Haiti

IDF has set up a communications system in Haiti worth NIS 8-10 million. The system is now one of the disaster-hit nation's main means of communications.

Using the system the Israeli field hospital in Port-au-Prince carried out surgical procedures via video conferencing with surgeons at Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer outside Tel Aviv.


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