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Russia long-range missile test a success

Reuters – USA: Thu Aug 28, 2008
By Chris Baldwin MOSCOW (Reuters)

– Russia successfully tested a long-range Topol missile designed to avoid detection by anti-missile defence systems from its Plesetsk launch site, a Russian military spokesman said on Thursday…


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The US missile defence system is the magic pudding that will never run out.

Poland is just the latest fall guy for an American foreign policy dictated by military industrial lobbyists in Washington.

George Monbiot, The Guardian, Tuesday August 19 2008
“This proves that the missile defence system is necessary after all: it will stop the missiles Russia will now aim at Poland, the Czech Republic and the UK in response to, er, their involvement in the missile defence system…”

A Tale of US Expansion not Russian Aggression

War in the Caucasus is as much the product of an American imperial drive as local conflicts. It’s likely to be a taste of things to come.

Seumas Milne, The Guardian, Thursday August 14 2008

“The outcome of six grim days of bloodshed in the Caucasus has triggered an outpouring of the most nauseating hypocrisy from western politicians and their captive media…”