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Parliamentarians attack FCO on timing of Chagos announcement
April 3rd, 2010 by Peter Harris:

Jeremy Corbyn MP and Lord Avebury have become the first Parliamentarians to
formally criticise the FCO over its announcement to create a no-take marine
protected area (MPA) in the Chagos islands.

Mr Corbyn – a longstanding supporter of the Chagossians and Chair of the All-Party
Parliamentary Group on the Chagos Islands – wrote to the Foreign Secretary David
Miliband to highlight a promise given by FCO Minister Ivan Lewis just three weeks

“I therefore put on record a commitment to make sure, wherever possible, that
interested hon. Members are briefed before we make final decisions on the marine
protected area.”

This guarantee, made to MPs during a parliamentary debate, was cynically ignored
by the Foreign Secretary when he made his statement during the Easter recess and
lays bear just how much importance Mr Miliband attaches to parliamentary scrutiny
of his actions……

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