U.S. Missile Cruisers to Sail in Turkish Waters

Trend Daily News
October 4, 2011

Following an agreement to be reached to deploy European missile defense system (MDS) in Turkey, the U.S. missile cruisers carrying anti-aircraft missiles modified SM-2 blok3B will be deployed in Turkish territorial waters in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Hurriyet newspaper reported citing a source NATO.

These ships with a modified version of the Aegis system have the ability to watch over the airspace of neighboring countries.

An early-warning radar system will be deployed in Turkey, Turkish Foreign Ministry’s official representative Selcuk Unal said earlier.

He said the decision to deploying anti-missile defense system was adopted at the NATO summit in Lisbon in 2010. Turkey supported the initiative from the beginning.

The already established anti-missile defense systems, including Aegis, are planned to be deployed in Europe during the first stage of creating European MDS. According to the plan, it must be completed this year. The radar is an offshore radar detection system AN / TPY -2. The deployment of the radar and interceptor missiles will reflect regional ballistic missile threats to Europe. …

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