MoD unveils plans to axe 1,800 police and guard jobs by 2016

Daily Mail
By Jamie Mcginnes
March 27, 2012

The Ministry of Defence today revealed that 1,800 defence police and guard jobs will be slashed.

In a written statement to Parliament, Defence Personnel Minister Andrew Robathan said he regretted the uncertainty and anxiety caused to staff affected, but said the Government ‘can and will’ make changes in guarding and civil policing.

Under the measures, the MoD Police is to downsize from a current strength of just under 3,100 to about 2,400 by April 2016.

The MoD Guard Service will be cut from just under 3,300 members today to about 2,200 by April 2015.

The headquarters and management structures of each organisation will see costs slashed by 50 per cent, Mr Robathan said.

This will mean fewer security staff at some sites and a shift to more security being undertaken by staff who do not require police powers. Local police forces will also be utilised more. …

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