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Night training flights resume at Mildenhall

Stars and Stripes (European edition)
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RAF MILDENHALL, England — The 48th Fighter Wing has resumed nighttime flight training over the English countryside and the RAF Lakenheath-based F-15C Eagles and F-15E Strike Eagles will continue flying missions until next spring, according to a news release.

Officials say the night training flights will occur Mondays through Thursdays and will generally end by 10 p.m. RAF Lakenheath is home to about 80 fighter aircraft and five rescue helicopters.

“We understand the aircraft noise can sometimes be a nuisance to the people living in and around the areas where we train,” the 48th vice commander, Col. Scott Reed, said in the release. “We make every effort to minimize the local impact, but this training is vital to what we do when we perform real-world operations with our fellow U.K. servicemen and women, as well as the servicemembers of other nations, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.”


Nuclear base police cut backs spark fears

The Independent
By Sam Marsden
October 12, 2009

Defence chiefs are considering cutting numbers of the specialist police who guard military facilities including the UK’s nuclear deterrent, an industry leader warned today.

The prospect of reducing the size of the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) is “incredibly worrying”, said Eamon Keating, national chairman of the Defence Police Federation.

The Sun reported that 900 MDP officers – a quarter of the total – were facing the axe under an ongoing review into defence spending.

Mr Keating said he was aware that a report into MoD security providers – including the MDP, soldiers and private firms – had been completed and distributed to defence officials. …

The MDP is a civilian police force responsible for the security of MoD facilities around the UK.

This includes Royal Navy bases, nuclear installations and even married quarters in barracks.

MDP officers have also served overseas, including in Iraq, Bosnia, Jordan and Kosovo, and a number are currently working in Afghanistan.

Mr Keating said the force was “the world leader” in the type of policing it carries out.

He warned that it would be a “false economy” for the MoD to replace MDP officers with service personnel or private security guards.

He said: “The MoD are looking at cutting costs – on a one-for-one basis a police officer costs significantly more than a soldier or security guard.

“The reality is anywhere they have been replaced in the past, they normally put two or three security guards or soldiers in their place.” …