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US says more Gitmo inmates have joined growing hunger strike

April 29, 2013

US authorities have again pointed out to the steady spreading of the hunger strike by foreign inmates in its notorious Guantanamo prison and torture facility.

Lt. Col. Samuel House announced on Saturday that 100 of the 166 prisoners at the American military base in Cuba have now joined the strike, amid insistence by some inmate lawyers that all of the detainees have joined the hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention.

According to Col. House, 19 of the hunger strikers are currently being force-fed with liquid nutrients through a nasal tube in efforts to prevent dangerous weight loss.

The military official further stated that five of protesting inmates have been transferred to the camp’s hospital for observation, adding that they do not have any life-threatening conditions. …

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U.S. sending more medics to Guantanamo as hunger strike grows

Chicage Tribune
By Jane Sutton
April 22, 2013

The U.S. military is sending additional medical personnel to the Guantanamo prison camp, where more than half the captives have joined a hunger strike to protest their open-ended detention, a camp spokesman said on Monday.

Reinforcements numbering fewer than 40 will arrive by the end of April, said Lieutenant Colonel Samuel House, a spokesman for the detention operation at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in southeastern Cuba.

House said the new arrivals would include a doctor, nurses, corpsmen and medics, who will supplement the 100 medical personnel already on duty. Navy hospital corpsmen and Army medics are trained to provide emergency care and basic medical services.

“There was no specific trigger, other than the growing number of detainees that have chosen to hunger strike,” House said.

The U.S. military counted 84 of the 166 prisoners as hunger strikers on Monday and was force-feeding 16 of them liquid meals through tubes inserted in their noses and down into their stomachs. Six were hospitalized for observation, House said.

Hunger strikes have occurred at Guantanamo since shortly after the United States began detaining suspected al Qaeda and Taliban captives there in January 2002.

The current hunger strike began in early February, after guards seized photos and other belongings during a cell search. Prisoners said the guards had also mistreated their Korans during the search, which the U.S. military denies. …

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